Hi-Q Beauty 褐藻科研保養專家

Hi-Q Beauty | 創辦人於北海岸成長的童年,誘發對自然環境的熱愛。1998年啟動了海洋領域生物的護膚科學研究,並在澄淨的水域人工採集天然藻類。經歷實驗室漫長的專業工法,成就了其高度的活性,進而淬鍊出各系列美容保養產品。

We grew up on the North Coast of Taiwan and, during our childhood, learned to love the natural environment. In 1998, we started our dermatology studies, focusing on possible benefits of seaweed collected in the clear ocean.After working in the laboratory for a long period, we found that 1 kilogram of dried natural seaweed only can extract 1 gram of Oligo Fucoidan. This precious ingredient, with its beneficial qualities for skin, is used to produce our product collections.